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This file is the eBook "Cracking the Liberty Bell", and the work I did on it was supposed to be paid by a royalty on every copy sold.
I have not received a penny in royalties from the author, who previously had nothing but high praise for my abilities, because I was donating my proofreading work on Sierra Times, since I thought it was a moral, ethical outfit, and I tend to agree with much of the content.
When it came time for the author to HONOR his promise, he began to vacillate and search for a way to worm out of his agreement. He claimed the royalty was only for the hard copy version, that he was to submit to for printing [which is free and I sent him the data on where it could be found].
He has never submitted the copy for publication, hence he feels he owes me nothing for my labor.

Since he now gives away the eBook for anyone who buys some of his "products" on line, and he previously sold it for $9.99, while he has not paid in full my charge for proofing it, he claims I am the worst proofreader he has ever had contact with, and the book is FULL of mistakes/typos.

I offer it to anyone who wishes to read it and tell me if you find it loaded with typos/errors. I was "told" they had numerous complaints about the mistakes that were in the book, but they have not been able to forward ONE of those messages to me.
You can download it here, and when you open the file it brings the book up in its own browser window. As stated on the screen, you can move the divider bar up to see the Table of Contents, and click on the desired locations from there. Have fun, and if you find a typo, write me at my email address and tell me where I goofed up. I would appreciate it.
{I know of ONE typo I missed, but I will see if you can find it}

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