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A Little Bit About Me

Why do I feel it is wise to Home-School?

I am a high school drop-out. I only had ten years of their brainwashing, and after learning the three R's, there wasn't a lot of knowledge imparted, during those ten years. For instance, when we studied history, I "learned" that the Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066 AD. [No doubt you have heard that those who do not "study" history, are condemned to re-live it] On the final exams, that is what was asked about the Battle of Hastings. What was the date?

I don't believe that "study" meant to memorize dates. It has never aided me in any way, knowing that date, since the only time I was asked a trivia question, with the opportunity to win a prize, they didn't pick that bit of knowledge. They asked me what are baby fish called. [Fingerlings — they informed me, when I didn't know the answer]

Even after dropping out of their cookie factory, I went on to best lawyers at their own game, and you know how much "education" they require of lawyers, don't you? The reason being that I was not trained to be a form filler outer, but rather, I used my intelligence.

One of my "trades" was Journeyman Machinist. Since I acquired expertise in that occupation, I felt that I could aid students who wished to learn that trade. I mistakenly thought that I would need to "go to college" to become a vocational teacher. Consequently, I took a GED test to get that "diploma". I did not go to the cramming sessions that were given to those trying to pass the tests, but instead, I filled in for one of the No-Shows, which I learned was done in many cases.

The instructor watched me like a hawk, since he was positive I would be cheating, not having gone through the indoctrination period. I had no need to cheat, but when the grades came back, they told me I had received the highest scores ever attained on their tests. They presented me with a dictionary, with my name stamped in gold, as a small token of accomplishment.

Now that I had the GED, it was time to enter the hallowed halls of higher knowledge, at Miami University, in Oxford Ohio. [One of the top teacher's colleges in the country] My entrance exams scored a 96 percentile, which meant that 4 percent of the applicants had scored higher than me, since the inception of the tests. I was admitted to the halls of higher learning.

One of the "required" courses was English Lit. It was taught by an idiot who tried to tell me that poetry did not have to rhyme, nor have meter. I believe he was a proponent of e. e. cummings, the boob who didn't believe in capital letters, and wrote "poetry" which was spaced across the page in (supposedly) interesting patterns. It definitely is not poetry, and in most cases, was not even pretty prose. The problem with "poets" who don't want to admit that having rhyme and meter is what set it apart from prose, and since it takes a little intelligence [you have to know quite a few words to get a given thought across] they wanted to be "called" poets, without the necessity of learning to write poetry. [Similar to our modern painters who don't have the ability to draw, so they plaster their "impressions" on canvas, and call it art].

For reasons that should be obvious, if you want your children to be "educated", keep them out of the cookie factories, where each one is stamped out to look like all the rest, and most certainly, to accept their shape and ingredients without protest. [We'll tell you how many raisins you will have inserted]

The fact that you are on the Internet, you can find unlimited knowledge of what is happening in the world today. Use your own common sense, and glean your information where you find it. Using one of the many search engines, it is possible to find information about any subject you can think of.

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