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Why Bother?

Why should you bother to have someone proofread your documents before you publish? To most of the people who read your documents, they do not know you from Adam. Their whole, first impression of you is derived solely from the text you have put forth.

You would not go out into the public without making sure you were presenting your "best face", and you ought not to publish any writings until you are sure you have put on your "best face". As has been admitted many times, one cannot proof their own writing, with guaranteed good results.

Many people do not know the difference between "whom" and "who", or "imply" and "infer". Let me tell you, if you use the wrong one in your writings, when someone who does know the difference reads what you have posted, they will immediately form an opinion of your basic "smarts" that will not be complimentary.

When writing, especially something you feel strongly about, you may tend to think faster than you can type, and it is then that the words get boggled, and you may mis-type some also. A spell-checker will not catch the wrong word if it is also a word in the dictionary. Believe me, I have found sentences like, "As you reed my writings, think of how smart I am." A spell-checker will pass right over the wrong word that is used.

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