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This message came in to ask for this link. (copy-edit by Arbtmann)

I would like to request that you put a link to my site on your home page with
the following communication attached to the link.


The growth over the last 40 years of both federal and local government is obscene. Revenue generated,
invested, and controlled by government today is greater than the total wealth
of the private sector. Individuals that WE allowed to walk in the door of
government "Laugh their asses off all the way to the bank every single day."

Do they care that the people cry in anguish? No! They are too busy spending
and investing the people's money to care. Will they stop the errors of their
ways? No! They will stop when true force from the people stops them! Can
knowledge learned, by the people, of the CAFR stop them? Yes, feeding predators
back off when the Lion approaches, and WE THE PEOPLE are still the Lion of
this country; still having very sharp claws and teeth!

Start with the statistical section in the back of the CAFR!

Get back issues. The CAFR, government's (Local and Federal) real financial
statement since 1946 is now known by the public to exist, changes are being
made! Back issues are imperative to secure to follow the money trail!



National disclosure of the CAFR started coming forth in 1999.

It showed government was operating as a trillion dollar "For Profit"

Approximately 85,000 government corporate operations complete an [annual] CAFR.

The total wealth now obtained and held by all of these operations is over 60
trillion dollars. The people were fed a lie over the last 45 years, as those
controlling government built a corporate "For Profit" structure designed as
an administrative clearing house for revenue collection. This all started in
1946 and became the standard by 1979. The people were now learning by seeing
the CAFR for the first time that, as it pertained to government wealth
obfuscation, black was white, and white was black. They had been defrauded on
a massive scale of unprecedented proportions.

Those controlling government now had substantial liability for this fraud. A
fraud conclusively proven by their own records. Records that showed, as they
were crying they needed more money, they were funneling billions and billions
of dollars to other arenas outside of the disclosed budgets for their own
personal gain.

Records that showed that government's income had grown at a pace 7 to 10 times
greater than the personal income of the people; and they, in their arrogance
and greed, were still trying to take more.

They needed a very big distraction for the people. They needed to clamp down
the iron fist of control over the people. They got their wish on 911.

As always, follow the money!

Government has spent or designated over 1 trillion dollars to lock down the
people here. I have always wondered if Mr. Binladen is vacationing in Naples,
FL, on the payroll of some obscure government agency having billions in their
checking account?

The public of this country and the rest of the world cannot afford another distraction!

Yours Truly,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 31121
Mesa, Arizona 85275