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I went to some of the helpful hints on a page, and found this "gem". [not to mention the fact that "Terry" uses a comma in place of apostrophe (they,re)]:

Check Out The Ads In The Ezine Before Advertising: Always look at the type and frequency of the advertisements on the ezine. If you find the ads never seem to be repeated, you can pretty much deduct (sic) that the advertisers in the ezine are not producing results. You'll also need to consider that responses to ads are not only based on the medium used, but also on how their (sic) written.

I really believe that it should be deduce and they're (for they are), don't you?

This is what I mean when I refer to the perceived intelligence of the writer — generally pretty low in circumstances such as this.  Why would any intelligent individual place any credence in the pronouncements of such an individual? That is why more people need my services than use my services.

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